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Back in the good old days of film school, my professor Charles Derry often required students to keep a journal of films screened for each class. Apart from being something I just got used to doing, these film journals helped me recall specific insights and encouraged me to see more films. I have adapted it to better suit my needs by building it in WordPress and omitting the screening format requirement. Eventually, the complete list of films will be available in true alphabetical order: for technical reasons, this is more complicated than employing a regular expression.

Recent Screenings


(2010) Directed by Noah Baumbach

The final line is emblematic of Noah Baumbach’s strength as a writer: without being overt, it summarizes the entire film. It is at once a perfectly ordinary sentence and the climax of the film. (In my memory, the opening is similar to Antonioni’s Red Desert.)


(2013) Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

It’s refreshing to see a documentary that focuses on animal rights without resorting to anthropomorphizing the animals. In fact, effort is made specifically to think of the whales as entirely different creatures who are not especially interested in humans.


(2013) Directed by Gary Fleder

Several bizarre non sequiturs make this one of those films that can’t be interpreted with a single coherent reading. Why does the sheriff throw out the whisky?

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