You discover a graceful hummingbird

Cat admiring a hummingbird
You admire the hummingbird

You stretch and march in place, plunging your paws into the damp grass in front of you. The moon that provoked intense emotions and soul searching last night is now but a faint blue circle. It is indistinct and plain above the city, and there’s no use in crying to it. So what if you’re a cat? Not everyone gets to be what they want.

It’s difficult for you to accept this because you wanted so much more out of life. You went to college and earned good grades. You taught yourself a wide variety of computer skills. You never made a face or wish for fear of ending up like this, but eventually you lower your expectations. With a sigh of resignation and halitosis (garbage) you say to yourself, “Fine, I am a cat now!”

You follow the fluttering sound to a nearby birdhouse where you find a hummingbird. It’s chirping and moving swiftly, hypnotically to and fro. “The old Luke would have wanted to draw a picture or write a poem about this beautiful creature,” you think. “But not me.”

With that, you decide to remove your résumé from Sensitive and list it, instead, on Monster. You suppress a cackle so as not to startle the hummingbird. You flap your tail up and down rhythmically as you watch the bird, in awe of its carefree nature.

Your stomach gurgles.

To be continued…