Published June 2, 2010

Your car will not start and your anger will not stop

Garage Rage
You suffer from garage rage and rollerblade injuries

After lying awake most of the night, you wake up with a vague feeling of malaise. “Nothing a Coca-Cola won’t solve,” you think to yourself as you tie your shoes and head out the door, taking in nature on your way to the garage. You are prepared to run a few errands, and then buckle down and hit the books since tomorrow is your final undergraduate class and multiple choice test. Only the books are really just PowerPoint presentations. You are angered when your car doesn’t start.

Emily’s dad stops by to drop off a fixed up good-as-new lawnmower. He takes a look at the car, but it’s of no use. You will have to call Sandy’s towing for a jump.

They arrive and cannot jump your car. They tow it to your uncle Gary’s, but you’re still going to need a way to get to class tomorrow morning.

You go inside and rummage through the basement until you find a dusty old pair of rollerblades. The time is 2:30 PM. You have 18 hours until the final exam. Normally, you would spend this time eating pizza and listening to “Woolly Bully” on repeat, getting psyched up. Eventually, you’d read the PowerPoints, and even jot down a few notes.

Instead, you will need to learn how to rollerblade so you can make it to your examination on time tomorrow morning. You strap on the ‘blades and hit the streets.

You have no choice but to practice rollerblading.