Published June 3, 2010

You take your final exam in Geology 107

Actual questions from an actual college course
These are actual questions from a Geology final at Wright State University

Your alarm goes off at 7:25 AM, leaving you with 65 minutes to read-over the PowerPoint notes and get to class. This multiple choice test will require a number two pencil, a number two IQ, and eight-to-ten minutes of modest concentration. The only thing standing in the way of your graduation is a series of thirty-some easy questions. You feed Alberto, your new bulldog, and head out the door.

You arrive in class and take your seat in the front. Giving a farewell scowl to your peers, the types who have been wearing shorts and emailing you inane questions since the last week of March, you are ready to finish this course. The woman who has been pretending to teach this class distributes the exams. You begin the test with enthusiasm, racing through the first dozen questions about cow farts and tornado safety with aplomb.

At question 27, you begin to panic. You re-read it. “What is the eye of a hurricane?” it says.

You decide to: