Published May 18, 2010

You hitch a ride home

You ride home with Biel
You drive with the windows down listening to the Human League

“You should probably go back home and get dressed,” Biel advises. “And then if you’re up for it, c’mon out to One Eyed Jacks for some karaoke.”

Karaoke. You pronounce it slowly in your head until the meaning hits you. You recall a particularly rousing performance of Talking Heads’ “And She Was.” The year was 2009, and the crowd adored you. You bobbed and shimmied for all your worth, and you were rewarded with cheers for an encore performance. At least, that’s how things are in your memory.

You accept a ride from Biel, and the fresh air feels good ruffling through your BBQ apron. There’s just a hint of the Human League coming through the speakers, and for the first time since losing your memory you become optimistic.

“You know something? Your nose looks a little different than usual,” says Biel non-judgmentally. “I don’t know, maybe it’s that you’re not wearing your glasses.”

You ride the rest of the way in absolute silence. You are thinking about your missing glasses. You reason that once you find your glasses, you will better be able to recognize people and places. It’s possible you don’t have amnesia at all.

Biel offers to wait if you want to follow him to One Eyed Jacks.

You decide to: