Published November 7, 2011

You are taken aboard the mothership

You are abducted (presumably by aliens)
You are abducted (presumably by aliens)

A warm, whirring ray washes over you. The hair on the back of your neck stands up then is sucked toward the aperture of the unidentified flying object. You turn around slowly with the sneaking suspicion that the UFO is not just any UFO. You behold the silent, levitating spacecraft with awe. It’s a flying saucer all right.

The ray begins to grip you with what you suspect might be some kind of futuristic molecular bond. You feel increasing pressure in your chest cavity. Your legs begin to wobble. You fall to the ground and grab onto whatever you can. You sink your fingers deep into the soil hoping for a tree root, or a pipe of some kind, but you are sucked backward toward the mothership.

You never thought an abduction would take so long. Still, you are only a few inches above the ground. You scream for help, “Fuck!” But no one hears your call.

A few moments later, you are standing just inside the vessel. You stamp your foot on the metal beneath you, the sound reverberates through the vast receiving chamber of the spaceship. You are certain that you have been abducted.

You decide to: