Published May 26, 2010

Anxiously, you read a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore

You hide behind an object
You hide behind an object

Every once in a while, you do something just to piss off English teachers, and up until now it hasn’t been a problem. You’re working on this nasty habit, though. You begin to wonder if maybe the reason the police are chasing you has something to do with upsetting an old teacher. You begin to drive yourself crazy with paranoid anticipation. To take your mind off of it, you read from In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower for an hour or so until the police begin gently rapping at your door.

You peer around the corner. “Yes, it is the police, all right,” you say to yourself. You’re going to have to jump from the second story window in order to give them the slip, but after that you don’t know what you’ll do.

You land hard on the ground.

You decide to: